Get a ready-to-use PostgreSQL server with some simple steps on macOS

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PostgreSQL became quite famous in the past years and you would maybe like to set it up on your own macOS machine. Well, you are at the right place!

Install homebrew

For this tutorial, we are going to use homebrew to install PostgreSQL.
Homebrew is a packaging manager for macOS and makes the installation of packages super easy!

To install homebrew, it’s simple, have a look at their website and copy the command line under Install homebrew. Then paste it into your terminal and follow the instructions.

Install PostgreSQL

Now that you have installed homebrew (unless you had it already) it’s time to install…

What is pair testing and why we should all do it in our team?

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You have all heard about pair programming. Well, pair testing is the same, but for testing!

What is pair testing?

Pair testing is the action of pairing as a developer with a QA engineer to test your new feature.

The developer is keeping the lead of the testing and goes through the whole feature to show the QA engineer how the new feature behaves.

Pair testing is more adapted to the frontend as it’s more visual, but it doesn’t mean that it can’t be applied for the backend too.

Why taking the time of two people when the tester are meant to do the…

Hiring the right person is hard today, but there are ways to make your choice easier and better.

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I’ve been involved in a lot of interview processes during my previous experiences. And it’s not an easy exercise.

There are plenty of developers coming from different backgrounds in 2021. From self-teaching to Ph.D., but also boot camps, developers have never been as diverse as today. It is also quite easy to pass an oral interview by learning by heart the basics of your technology and looking for interview questions on the internet.

So, how to be sure, as an interviewer, that you found the right fit for you?

Prepare the interview

Before giving anything to do to your candidate, you’ll want to…

NodeJS 16, the new major version has just been released!

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Every 6 months, a new major version of NodeJS is release. And each even number is having its own LTS. NodeJS 16 is not going to be an exception.

Update of V8

V8, the Javascript engine used by NodeJS (And mainly developed by Google) has been updated from version 8.6 to version 9.

This update mainly brings better performances and support for new features of Javascript.

New feature supported

RegExp Match Indices

This first new feature is allowing you to get the intervals where your regexp matches. In this next example, we are going to match the string foobar with the regex /(foo)(bar)/d

Note that I added the flag…

How a pull request can be more than simply reading code

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Pull requests have been around for a while now. As part of the agile process, they aim to reduce code smell, get opinions from other developers and keep the codebase consistent.
This is, of course, purely utopic. In reality, PR’s are big chunks of code that you are going to scroll through to look for mistakes.

The Downsides of Pull Requests

Lack of context

The main issue with a PR is the total lack of context. Most of the time, your pull request tool is going to show you the bits of code that changed and hide the unchanged lines. …

Get your passwords ready to be safely stored in a database and verify them with NodeJS and Bcrypt

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If you are just getting started with Nodejs and user authentication, you might have wondered how to encrypt your user’s passwords!

There is a library that does it for you: Bcrypt!

How does it work?

Bcrypt made it super simple to encrypt and check passwords, with a couple of functions, you can generate a hashed password for your users and allow them to log in to your website!

Keep in mind that once the password is encrypted, you cannot decrypt it.

Encrypt a password

To encrypt a password, you are first going to have to generate a salt for the password. …

How did blogging allow me to be a better developer today

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I’ve been programming professionally for the past 4 years now (without counting university). But two years ago I decided to subscribe to Medium and read articles. For this moment, my learning curve went up like crazy!

When I say blogging, I’m talking about reading but also writing articles. Both are very important and are completing themselves.

But how can blogging improve yourself as a developer?

Subscribe to contents which correspond to you

This sounds logical in the first place, but it’s the basics. When are we reading blog articles? Usually during breaks, commuting (when this was still a thing), basically every time you have some time for…

Let’s dig into how generators work with a simplified real life example

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From my experience, generators are not the most commonly used tool within Javascript. They tend to look complex and scare some developers. But they can actually be a huge improvement for your code!

If you really know generators, it’s either because you are using them with Redux Saga, because your company made the (great) choice of using them, or because you are someone curious! For me, it’s the third option.

But what really are generators

A generator is a function declared a bit differently compared to a normal function. The prototype of a generator is the following:

function* myGenerator(){}

This little star makes the whole…

Javascript is famous for being a single-threaded language, but there are ways to work around that today

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Javascript is a wonderful programming language, but one of the main issues that we had on Javascript for a long time has been that it’s single threaded.

On the frontend, we have access to the web worker API, a standard API which allows some multi-threading on the browser side.

On the backend side, it’s another story. With version 10.X arrived a new module called worker thread as an experimental feature and version 12.X made it stable.

Keep in mind that asynchronous functions are not threads in JS. This is a common mistake.

How does it work?

The NodeJS team made it pretty straightforward. You…

I went from living in a tiny studio with a bad job to living in a super nice flat with a pretty decent job!

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It’s painful to say, but one year ago, the first lockdown hit the major part of the world. Back then, I was working in a company where every day was a pure nightmare. The software team was understaffed, the clients asking always for more and more and the pressure impossible to deal with (and I’m pretty okay under pressure).
Every day, I was going to work with almost of a pain in the chest. The job was also quite far from my place (and the train was costing an outrageous £240 a month), about one hour to go and the same…

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